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Common Sandpiper Common Sandpiper

During taking close up of Black-headed ibis and Eurasian Curlew at udvada beach(gujarat),seen this common Sandpiper was sleeping and also f...

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Indian Spot-billed Duck Indian Spot-billed Duck

When you reach at one of your photography place and see a Bird or a animal not so far from you,the smiling expression come on your face and...

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Rose-ringed Parakeet Rose-ringed Parakeet

Some common birds looks more beautiful when you see them close.and if you a photographer and click them from near distance, you been more h...

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Desert Wheatear Desert Wheatear

Some birds are common for other but when you are newbie in photography world and find those bird images are appreciable by "Like&q...

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Black-headed Ibis Black-headed Ibis

Taking Close-up of bird/animal is a dream of every photographer.i had taken some good close-up shots,feels so happy when i see this details...

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Eurasian Curlew Eurasian Curlew

Taking Close-up of bird/animal is very difficult,you take photo from un-noticeble distance from bird/animal so bird can ignore you but due ...

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Common Hoopoe Common Hoopoe

The crown feathers of Common Hoopoe are not always raised and if its raised then its only for 1-2 seconds so taking photograph with raised ...

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