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Glossy ibis Glossy ibis

Again n again i went at tena wetland for good shots of winter birds.on 3rd Sept'15 around at 3.30pm, i was returning from inside of wet...

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Flower with Buds Flower with Buds

On 12th Sept'15 i was on Birding with my friend Paragbhai for Vulture in Surat outskirt. as local villagers told them so we had searche...

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Indian Roller Indian Roller

Yesterday i was on leave n around 8am went for birding. till 10am didn't get good photos even took around 20-30 photos so decided to re...

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European Roller European Roller

While i was at Idar on 6th Sept'15 for a Medico legal case, i was on way to Ambaji around at 5pm. after 5-6km away from Idar, i saw thi...

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Common Kingfisher Common Kingfisher

When you are thinking for best n got better than best,its a wow moments.whenever i get time, try go at my favorite place for birding. it w...

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Brahminy Kite Brahminy Kite

i didnt get more chance to click Raptors.on 28th August 2015 i was at tena wetland, Surat outskirt to find n clicking new birds.i had walke...

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