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Yellow-wattled Lapwing Yellow-wattled Lapwing

After successful session of White-winged Tern,we returned to my car and Viru asked to Akbar for distance from we were and Akbar told"...

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White-winged Tern White-winged Tern

As per urgent plan for Hingolgadh,i had talked with my best guide Akbarbhai for White-winged Tern sighting in Nal Sarovar coz i was unable ...

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Indian Pitta (Calling) Indian Pitta (Calling)

My best friend Viru called me 19/06/17,"doctor do something for Hingolgadh to click india Pitta for Me n Abhay" and replied "...

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Great Indian Bustard Great Indian Bustard

Read a news that there were only 6 Great indian Bustard in Gujarat n have to click this Critically Endangered Species.so went kucth on 13t...

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Ruddy Turnstone (Breeding) Ruddy Turnstone (Breeding)

We reached at Bhuj on 29/04/16 and did some shopping then took dinner there n went our destination,reached around at 11pm.did check in,get...

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Sunrise Sunrise

Cold of around 10 degree C of early morning and we wake up around at 5am coz we have to drive 100+km after knocking of our room by our g...

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Road to Sunset Road to Sunset

We were 25-30km inside the main road and time was 5.35pm(as clicked last photo of Spotted Sandgrouse).we didn't got good shot of this...

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Sunset in The Jungle Sunset in The Jungle

During extreme low light taking shots of wild life is bit difficult.As usual i was with my "Wild Wonders" in the forest of Shoolp...

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Pale-billed Flowerpecker with Cherry Pale-billed Flowerpecker with Cherry

i had planted a wild cherry tree 2yrs back for birds n happy to watch many birds came to feed this wild cherry. 3-4 times in Every year i ...

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indian Pitta indian Pitta

After 1month of Yes/No for birding of Indian Pitta, finally i was at Hingolgadh on 11th July'15. on 10th July, i went from Surat at...

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