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Why Gujarat Government is not taking interest to conserve wetlands.Also There is lack of interest by Local Politicians to conserve This Both Wetlands.
There are only 2 Big wetland where migratory birds come n stay till water remains in wetland.both are 15-20km away from Navsari,one is at Sultanpur n other is at Nani Kakrad.Water remains in Both wetland till December/January end but Sultanpur Wetland is dried by local villegers who have fish farm near by wetland since starting of October and Nani Kakrad wetland will dried up by Local till December end.
i had spotted 100+ Greater Flamingos at Sultanpur wetland in August.now you can see only dried area.
We have still one Wetland Remains for Bird watching n Photography,Nani Kakrad.
 I was stayed at Bilimora n talked with my friends, Dr.Dharmeshbhai and Dr.Sujitbhai on evening of 16th November to visit Nani Kakrad wetland on 17th early Morning but due to busy schedule at hospital, they didn't came.so around at 7am i went there after driving of 20km.
It was lil cold n foggy morning even around at 7.30am.Find a area beside road for car parking n reached a point of wetland after walking of aprx 1km.
I had decided to sit on ground close to water n sighted so many species with clicking.At around 8.30am here a Birds call/sound/song so i was so curious to find as its of Cranes.n its a wow moments as 500+cranes were coming from east of wetland n land in.took shots of them but they were too much far away from me.

 you can see these birds at Nani Kakrad wetland, Navsari, Gujarat.
1. Common Crane
2. Northern Pintail
3. Flamingos(sighted after i had transferred img to pc)
4. Darter(seen when it fly away just above me, didn't take good shot)
5. Lesser Whistling-duck
6. Greylag Goose
7. Ruddy Shelduck
8. Indian Spot-billed Duck
9. Gadwall
10. Northern Shoveler
11. Painted Stork
12. Asian Openbill
13. Black-headed Ibis
14. Glossy Ibis
15. Indian Pond Heron
16. Cattle Egret
17. Great Egret
18. intermediate Egret
19. Little Egret
20. Western Reef Egret
21. Gangrey
22. Grey Heron
23. Purple Heron
24. Little Cormorant
25. Black Kite
26. White-breasted Waterhen
27. Purple Swamphen
28. Eurasian Coot
29. Red-wattled Lapwing
30. Ruff
31. Black-tailed Godwit
32. Common Sandpiper
33. Little Stint
34. River Tern
35. Little Ter
36. Greater Coucal
37. Common Hoopoe
38. Indian Roller
39. White-throated Kingfisher
40. Common Kingfisher
40. Blue-tailed Bee-eater
41. Green Bee-eater
42. Long-tailed Shrike
43. Black Drongo
44. Streak-throated Swallow
45. Barn Swallow
46. Ashy-crowned Sparrow Lark
47. Crested Lark
48. Red-whiskered Bulbul
49. Red-vented Bulbul
50. Bluethroat
51. Rosy Starling
52. Common Myna
53. Stonechat
54. Pied Bushchat
55. Paddyfield Pipit
56. Black-winged Stilt
57. Spotted Dove
58. Indian Peafowl
59. Indian Golden Oriole
60. Ashy Prinia
61. Brahmini Starling
62. Oriental Magpie Robin
63. Indian Robin
64. Desert Wheatear
65. Purple Sunbird
66. Baya Weaver
67. Citrine Wagtail
68. Jungle Babler
69. Common Babbler
70. Plain Prinia
71. Eurasian Spoonbill
72. Common Teal
73. Common House Birds

other Species may found
1. Yellow Wagtail
2. White Wagtail
3. Red Avadavat
4. Scaly-breasted Munia
5. Black-headed Munia
My Camera's Battery dies otherwise more clear n sharp shots came. will go there for other new species identification.

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