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Shh..h..h...koi he !!! Shh..h..h...koi he !!!

i was on Summer Vacation in May'17 n enjoying at my Birth Town Udwada.My best buddy Pankaj had set a plan to visit Vansda National Park...

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Asian Desert Warbler Asian Desert Warbler

As per long Story posted in indian nightjar we reached our destination at 3am though we get ready at 6.30am for our wishlist.we had waited...

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Princess of Gir Princess of Gir

Long story posted in Brown Fish Owl , we had clicked it At Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary,Junagadh then went to Amber farm, sasan for stay.the...

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Baillon's Crake Baillon's Crake

As i had posted in my article of Ruddy-breasted Crake that in birding you need more luck for sighting and for Rare,need your lucky friend...

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Brown-headed Gull Chasing Brown-headed Gull Brown-headed Gull Chasing Brown-headed Gull

it was bright sunny noon and i was looking for winter birds at beach of Udvada on 01/01/17.find nothing than Brown-headed Gull so ignored ...

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