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As i had posted in my article of Ruddy-breasted Crake that in birding you need more luck for sighting and for Rare,need your lucky friends.
As per plan wake up at 4.50am after sleep of 5hour and get ready within 35min with bath n breakfast.before starting my drive,called my both friend n came smile on my face that they were also ready at Bardoli. we met on National Highway 8 at Palsana cross road, where Viru Parked his Elantra n we were on the way to Chikhali.
it was a drive of 70-80km n reached around at 7am at our desire location.Where we meet senior Birder Proff P C Patel sir and Proff Anil Bhatt sir, they told us for location and we sit there.We got good shot of Ruddy-breasted Crake but all are in low light.
we were looking for shots in sunlight so we moved from there and sit little away from there but we didn't succeed.we thought to go at another place n Anil sir introduce with Dipakbhai Patel.while we were walking sudden saw Baillon's Crake far away n took record shot.
Even it was long distance shot but making an outstanding the frame so sharing it.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/1000 || ISO 1600 || 600mm || White Balance : Auto
Chikhali, Gujarat

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