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Before Going This beautiful Country named 'Wonder of Asia"  Sri Lanka, many of my friend told me to click Sri Lankan Frogmouth and have wish list of some birds in my mind.so long story Posted in Sri lankan junglefowl(Mobile Click). it was very difficult for me till first 1hr coz we had walked towards hill area and humidity was very high so became wet with perspiration then our guide went for all locations for this beauty but failed.
myself and Dr.Pragnesh had decided to stay till evening but our guide told that,heavy rain will come in noon so we had decided to return before 12pm so we had started walking to back around at 10.30am.again guide went 2-3 locations but sighted at last location.it was very difficult perch coz we have to walk down very carefully over wet land and if we slip then slide down upto 20ft.. finally we managed without disturbing this sleeping pair.
after clicking record shot,we were unable to frame them clearly coz we can't take from going at other side but i find the way and got this shot from a space between leaf and branches.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2 with Canon 100-400 is2
Manual Mode
f /7.1 || Shutter speed 1/250 || ISO 12,800 || 400mm ||
Sinharaja Rain Forest, Sri Lanka

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