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Since i started bird Photography,i have a dream to click all Junglefowl.My friend Dr.Pragnesh told me to join Sri Lnaka in May 2-3month before and i was not ready but finally i become ready to go with him.
i was little upset when i missed a shot of  Sri Lankan Junglefowl in Yala National Park as we were 5min late and it passed inside the bushes.Sri Lankan Junglefowl is a National Bird of Sri Lanka.i have a last chance to click this beauty at Sinharaja rain forest and i had set to go on 19th May 2018.so we went at Bentota.
Chilling Temperature of  AC at Earl's Reef Beruwala on 19th May 2018 and i Wake up just before my alarm ring at 3.15AM.After switching off alarm,on my phone's wifi and looking for whatsapp messages.i became happy to see message of my cab driver.whos name is Mr.Christo Alvis.
went in bathroom to get ready and till i wear camo cloths,i was thinking about a fear that its 2 hour and 45min of drive in night,road is unknown,people are unknown, car driver is unknown,language is unknown and unknown country.Then think...will see whatever happen,everything gone fine.
As per time given by me i was just 10min delay (time given was 3.30am) and reached at reception of hotel and with smile receptionist said Good Morning and Happy Journey then given a bag which contain nicely packed breakfast.Meet with Mr.Christo,who was waiting near reception then we both went near his car,he own a Toyota Premio Auto, Sedan Car and my friend Dr.Pragnesh also came there.without delay we started our journey.
I thought to sleep during our way but failed to sleep.whole way i improved my English with mr.Christo as he is speaking English very fluently and i cant.  after drive of 1+hr he stopped the car and i saw outside from window,one Sri Lankan Police.i was little afraid but Policeman didnt checked us,all cleared with Mr.Christo and we were on the way.Mr.Christo went Sinharaja only one time so we asked for road 2-3 time.Sunlight comes after 5.30am but all shop were closed so i asked him to stop where he find a shop or whatever where we can drink coffee.he find 30km before our destination and we enjoyed a tasteful Coffee as per my thought made by old man.
our target was to reach at 6am and we reached sinharaja office at 6.15am.office was not open so guide came to me and told the details.His name is Ratnasiri.there is a system for guide of turn by turn to go.Paid entry fee and taken leg cover to wear and protect from blood leeches(will cover more in another story).we entered in the park timely and 1st 2km was very difficult for me as we have to trek on mountain and no wind so i was wet.i had hear a call of Junglefowl and asked go that side. so we crossed the river and went towards Martin's lodge and clicked 1st shot from distance but i was very happy.they went inside the bushes but thought for close shot....and we crossed martin's lodge,as i here lil disappoint coz i read that in martin's lodge,junglefowl comes in every morning.
we moved ahead as we have whole day in this park.
We were walking ahead with talking on best timing to visit sinharaja and sudden i saw Junglefowl,just 10ft away from us.it was very friendly or brave.it walks towards me and looking to me.after 2-3 shots i was shocked to see just 5ft away from me and taken selfie with it then also clicked photo in my Samsung S9.

Exifs :
Samsung Galaxy S9
HDR Mode
f /2.4 || Shutter speed 1/40 || ISO 300 || 4.3mm ||
Sinharaja Rain Forest, Sri Lanka

Video shoot in my S9

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