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Many times i witnessed, i'm lucky.This incidence was happened during mine trip for Asian Dowitcher in January'19.it was long journey of 550+ km from my home and started with my best buddy Viren Desai in the noon of 18th Jaunary'19 towards Ahmedabad to pick another best buddy Pankaj Maheriya but he was busy and will came with his car so we bypass the road from Ahmedabad from kheda.
After drive of some kms,just a thought came and called Akbarbhai,my best guide of Nal Sarovar to say hi coz we were just 50km away from him around at 3pm.he told us to came there to click as Indian Fox and its Pups.as we have lots time time we went there,
reached there around at 4pm and clicked so many birds with Saker Falcon(my lifer) and take sit behind messed tree bushes for hide ourselves.waited for more than hour and finally beauty came but we were noticed.
This Photo was clicked at 6.15pm

Exifs :
Canon 5D Mark4
Manual Mode
f /5.6 || Shutter speed 1/320 || ISO 3200 || 600mm || White Balance : Auto
Outskirt of Nal Srovar, Gujarat.

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