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The Faithful The Faithful

it was an another cold morning of january'17 and as talked with my friend Viren Desai i was at our birding spot around at 8.30am on 12/...

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indian Paradise-flycatcher indian Paradise-flycatcher

it was a cold morning of 27th Decemebr'16 at 6.30am and i have to go for birding even though i love sleeping till 9am and sleep again.m...

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Greater Flamingos Greater Flamingos

Watching Greater Flamingos at beach side is a pleasant experience.i was at Modhva beach near Mandvi,Kutch on 30/04/16 for Breeding Plumage...

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Black-winged Kite Black-winged Kite

Chilling cold around at 4am on 25th Dec'15 and wake-up for trip to Shoolpaneshvar. After everything ready i was driving my car with my...

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Eurasian Hobby Eurasian Hobby

Eurasian Hobby breeds in Himalayas,widespread winter visitor.sized 30-36cm. Early Morning Birding gives clean n crisp photos so as always...

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The Chase for Food by one to another Brown-headed Gull The Chase for Food by one to another Brown-headed Gull

Sometimes you cud be more happy with few of your shot without having good light n background.same thing happened on 01/01/17 while i was at...

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Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse Close-up Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse Close-up

while i was on kutch trip with my friends in December'16, we had clicked many species on 1st day and went Naliya for Great indian Busta...

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River Tern River Tern

A long and sentimental story posted at Painted Stork .As mentioned its a long awaited family trip of Jamnagar with my best buddy Pankaj. ...

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Caspian Tern Caspian Tern

Whatever your religion but 31st December is celebrated by most of people.1st January is a my mom's birthday,have to travel 120km to dri...

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Great indian Bustard Flying Shot Great indian Bustard Flying Shot

Hear a news that there were only 6 Great indian Bustard in Gujarat n have to click this Critically Endangered Species.so went kucth on 13th...

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