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The Bold & The Beautiful Amur Falcons The Bold & The Beautiful Amur Falcons

it was unplanned trip of Lonavala, Maharstra for Amur Falcon on 29/12/20 and 30/12/20. Due to Busy schedule, dlayed of making video though i...

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Rain Quail Rain Quail

i had clicked this beauty in kutch but still in wishlist due to clicked in non-breeding.it breed during monsoon and many times i missed this...

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Indian Fox Feeding her Pups Indian Fox Feeding her Pups

Many times i witnessed, i'm lucky.This incidence was happened during mine trip for Asian Dowitcher in January'19.it was long journe...

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Best Wildlife Photos of 2019 Best Wildlife Photos of 2019

Wildlife Photography is challenging most of time but it give pleasure to me.Through out the Year,i went different places and framed many ...

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European Nightjar European Nightjar

Many times i went for a specific bird at specific locations but Exploring the area and finding the log awaited lifer gave extraordinary hap...

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Red-wattled Lapwing Red-wattled Lapwing

we were in search of Common Ringed Plover in morning session of my Jamnagar Trip during 19th January 19 but we cudnt find so one of our fri...

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Indian Leopard Indian Leopard

Many time, My Friend Viren's Mom had told me "you went for sasan safari many times with my son,when you are going to take us with ...

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