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Garganey Garganey

On 28th March i was at Tapi Riverside,i had seen this duck 1st time and tried to capture clear photo but didn't succeed so went on 29th...

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Purple Swamphen Purple Swamphen

After getting more n more Facebook Photographers Friends,expectation is increased for sharp picture. Facebook like for pic is not important...

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Yellow-footed Green Pigeon Yellow-footed Green Pigeon

Sometimes i am more happy when i took photos of bird whom i see 1st time.it was happened on 17th feb 2015,i was experimenting my Tamron 150...

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Ruddy Shelduck Male and Female Ruddy Shelduck Male and Female

you been happy when you see in your camera's lcd after taking photo.taken many shots with some experiments,sometimes i missed but atlea...

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Common Kingfisher Common Kingfisher

while i was returning to home after taking photos of  Black-headed ibis,Common Greenshank , Eurasian Curlew etc birds,i was so happy for go...

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Glossy ibis Glossy ibis

i wanted to snap of Glossy ibis with falling drop of water from its bill but i missed a good shot lil.   ----: exifs :---- Canon 600...

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AF Speed Test of Tamron 150-600mm AF Speed Test of Tamron 150-600mm

As seen on YouTube video,this lens work well even though i wanna test speed so did in past 15days but didn't get succeed because of i c...

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Purple Heron Purple Heron

Before my Photography life i was thinking Purple Heron are Purple in colour but since 2nd year of my photography life i didn't seen Pur...

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Ruddy Shelduck Ruddy Shelduck

Last year one of my birder friend ask for Ruddy Shelduck came at kotha wetland, outskirt of Billimora-Amalsad,Gujarat and i was there in en...

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Brown Rock Chat Brown Rock Chat

You been Happy when your taken shot is enough sharp.for better sharpness i had started taking images near by my house.you can achieve succe...

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Where is My Colours? Where is My Colours?

As i wanted to capture image against child labour but due to bird photography igmored but on 27th feb'15 i was at tapi river side at da...

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