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When ODKF mean Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher comes in mind,everyone knows best sighted in Chipun and many Birders go at Nandu Tambe's hide.he has many hides for best shots of ODKF.This beauty comes there for breeding in June end, after chick grow and ready to fly,went away.

why i wrote topic name Nandu's Sanctuary ? because when i reach there and talked with owner Nandu Tambe for other birds,he told that he had sighted more then 215 species in his near by area,These birds are ODKF, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Great Hornbill, Crested Hawk Eagle, Brown Wood Owl,Brown Hawk Owl etc so i told him to make a place on Google Map and then upload those images in this place so more people know about it.he told that,how it made coz once he made it but removed and dont know the reason.so i Pinned this area in google map and given name as Nandu's Sanctuary coz this is amazing place and you have to visit it,if you had not visited.This area is Located in Maharstra,22km away from Chiplun,located in Shirwali Village.owns 40+acre of land and converted in forest.

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What i say about Nandu Tambe coz he is just 30 yrs old.His original Name is Nishikant  Tambe.he is B.Com Graduate and left his job for his forest.he not only work for ODKF but works for conservation of nature.he told me,"what we will carry with us,when we die.this mother earth is not only for us.if we care for it all cycle shud run smoothly.he is working since 2006(not sure!!!)"

 How to Reach there?

 You can Reach there by your car driven/by train thru chiplun.after confirmation with him for birding,he will sent location and download offline map or you can ask anyone in this village for Nandu Tambe and they will guide you. Loaction on Map of  Nandu's Sanctuary
Nearest Airport is at Pune and its 200+km away from Nandu's Sanctuary.
Chiplun has a Railway station and its in Kokan Rail Lines

So Plan your Birding Session with Nandu Tambe after confirmation by him and made a memorable trip.

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