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    World Sparrow Day is celebrated or observed annually on March 20. it is a day to raise awareness of the protection of sparrows. World Sparrow Day is an initiative started by the Nature Forever Society of India founded by Mohammed Dilawar, A conservationist along with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation of France and many other organizations around the world. And has since then become an important global event.

  The house sparrow, which is also known as the common sparrow, is a small bird that is found all over the world. However, its population has been declining in recent years due to various factors such as habitat loss, pollution, and the use of pesticides. The purpose of World Sparrow Day is to draw attention to this issue and to encourage people to take action to protect these birds.



  On World Sparrow Day, various activities are organized to create awareness about the conservation of sparrows. This includes birdwatching events, talks and presentations on the importance of sparrows, and initiatives to create habitats for these birds. Schools and educational institutions also organize events to educate children about the importance of birds in our ecosystem.

  Times magazine declared Mohammed Dilawar one of the 30 “Heroes of the Environment” in the list of the most influential environmentalists in the world on October 2008

  Mohammed Dilawar started his work of helping the house sparrow with the campaign to provide special care for house Sparrows in Nashik thus 1st World Sparrows Day was organized on 20th March 2010 and this awareness of the house sparrow becoming the state bird of Delhi in 2012 by Chief Minister Sheila Dixit.

Postal stamp of House Sparrow was released by India Post in 2012 

photo credit : https://www.collectorbazar.com/item/2010-india-stamps-pigeon-sparrow-2v-set-19253-s-85173

  Many countries like Bangladesh, Maldives, Canada, Belarus, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Moldova, Belgium, Kyrgyz, Malawi, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Denmark, etc

In India there been 7 types of Sparrows are sighted. 

1. House Sparrow

IUCN Red Data Status : Least Concern

2. Russet Sparrow

IUCN Red Data Status : Least Concern

3. Eurasian Tree Sparrow 

IUCN Red Data Status : Least Concern

4. Spanish Sparrow

IUCN Red Data Status : Least Concern

5. Sind Sparrow

IUCN Red Data Status : Least Concern

6. Pale Sparrow

IUCN Red Data Status : Least Concern

7. Yellow-throated Sparrow

IUCN Red Data Status : Least Concern

The house sparrow is  the most common bird in the world, but in the past few years, this bird has been on the decline stage over much of its natural range, both in the urban and rural areas. The decreasing number in  the house sparrow is an indicator of the continuous degradation of the environment around us.

Theme "I Love Sparrows " and " I ❤️  Sparrows" was given in 2022.

Overall, World Sparrow Day serves as a reminder that we need to take care of our environment and protect the biodiversity of our planet. By working together, we can ensure that these small but important birds continue to thrive in our world.

The decline in the population of sparrows is a matter of concern for scientists and conservationists around the world. Sparrows are not only important for the ecosystem, but they also play a significant role in controlling the population of insects and pests that can damage crops and gardens. Furthermore, sparrows also have cultural significance and are a part of our daily lives in many ways, such as in literature, art, and even as pets.

To address the decline in sparrow populations, various initiatives have been undertaken across the globe. These include creating artificial nesting sites for sparrows, reducing the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and creating green spaces in urban areas that can provide habitats for these birds.

Apart from conservation efforts, World Sparrow Day also aims to raise awareness about the importance of birds and biodiversity in general. This can help in promoting a culture of environmental conservation and sustainability.

In conclusion, World Sparrow Day is an important global event that highlights the need for the conservation of sparrows and other common birds. By taking steps to protect these birds, we can contribute to the health of our planet and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.


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