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Royal Morning Walk Royal Morning Walk

8th May 2017 was the last day of our Sasan Trip and as always we were late in our morning Safari, So we paid big loss of 2 Adult male Lion ...

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Greater Painted Snipe (Female) Greater Painted Snipe (Female)

Breeding Plumage of Male birds looks beautiful then female birds except Greater Painted Snipe.  i was at Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary on 14/...

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Watercock Female with Chick Watercock Female with Chick

Sometime i feels like winning a jackpot in birding.Watercock is a monsoon visitors in Gujarat and i have a desire to click this beauty.i ha...

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White-throated Kingfisher (Pair) White-throated Kingfisher (Pair)

Tena wetland became hotspot for Surat Birders coz many winter birds and waders come there.it waqs a very cold morning of 06/01/16 and as pe...

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Indian Pitta (Sunbath) Indian Pitta (Sunbath)

During early days of myself in photography field to till now,i was trying to frame close shots but when i had been witness of this behavior...

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Sirkeer Malkoha Sirkeer Malkoha

Some of Birds are in Wishlist of most birders,as Sirkeer Malkoha is in my wishlist since i started photography.it is very shy bird and live...

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