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After partially wet during Madu River Safari due to rain,we returned to our Hotel Earl's Reef,Beruwala.we get fresh and in our room and enjoyed delicious dinner.i sleep early due to i have to Sinharaja Rain Forest in mid night(3.30am).
Got many new and endemic species from Sinharaja till noon,as i had decided to do whole day birding but much exhausted and there been 100% chances of rain in afternoon so returned from there to our hotel and reached around at 4pm.get fresh and decided to go at beach side withought DSLR but took it and enjoying beautiful scenery of evening from wooden bench.The orange-red-yellow colors are making painting over sky and purple colors started to appear.
i saw a small boat going towards one small island where lighthouse was there and my mind thought for a frame of lighthouse.set dslr on bench and started experimenting and after 2 shot got desired shot. it was around 6.30pm

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /20 || Shutter speed 4 Sec || ISO 100 || 110mm ||
Beruwala, Sri Lanka

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