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 Passage Migration mean its a short time stop for passing/travelling from one place to another place. For Birds it may be a seasonal migration, pre/post breeding migration, long/short migration etc. Mainly passage migratory bird do migration for food and weather. 

 Passage Migratory Birds are mainly sighted in Rann of Kutch and comes between August to October. it is best time for birds because its time of  post Monsoon in India, specially in Kutch there is less rain so many insects are easily available for them in these months.

There are  mainly 9 Passage Migratory Birds. Photographers must plan to clicking them in once in a lifetime opportunity.

So lets talk on this Topic.

1. Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin

Scientific Name : Cercotrichas galactotes

Size : 15cm

Synonyms : Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin, Rufous Scrub Robin, Rufous Scrub-robin, Common Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin, Rufous Bush Chat, Rufous Bushchat, Rufous Bush Robin, Greyish Scrub Robin, Grayish Scrub Robin, Grey-backed Scrub Robin, Gray-backed Scrub Robin, Rufous-tailed Bush Chat, Rufous Warbler

Red Data Status : Least Concern

2. European Nightjar

Scientific Name : Caprimulgus europaeus

Size : 25cm

Synonyms : Common Nightjar, Eurasian Nightjar, Goatsucker, Persian Nightjar (unwini), Hume's Nightjar (unwini)

Red Data Status : Least Concern

3. Common Whitethroat (Greater Whitethroat)

Scientific Name : Curruca communis

Size : 14cm

Synonyms : European Whitethroat, Greater Whitethroat, Indian Whitethroat      

Red Data Status : Least Concern                                                          

4. Spotted Flycatcher

Scientific Name : Muscicapa striata

Size : 15cm

Synonyms : Brown-streaked Flycatcher, European Spotted Flycatcher

Red Data Status : Least Concern

5. Blue-cheeked Bee-eater

Scientific Name : Merops persicus

Size : 24 - 26cm

Synonyms : 

Red Data Status : Least Concern

6. Eurasian Cuckoo

Scientific Name : Cuculus canorus

Size : 32 - 34cm

Synonyms : The Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Common Cuckoo, Asiatic Common Cuckoo, European Cuckoo, Gray Cuckoo, Grey Cuckoo, Kamchatkan Cuckoo (telephonus)

Red Data Status : Least Concern

7. Eurasian Roller

Scientific Name : Coracias garrulus

Size : 31cm

Synonyms : Blue Roller, Eurasian Roller, Common Roller

Red Data Status : Near Threatened

8. Red-tailed Shrike

Scientific Name : Lanius phoenicuroides

Size : 16 - 17cm

Synonyms : Turkestan Shrike, Pale Red-tailed Shrike, Red-necked shrike, Rufous Shrike, Rufous-tailed Shrike, Steppe Shrike, Western Rufous-tailed Shrike

Red Data Status : Least Concern

9. Red-backed Shrike

Scientific Name : Lanius collurio

Size : 17cm

Synonyms : Red Backed Shrike, Redbacked Shrike, Red-necked shrike, Red-back Shrike, Common Shrike

Red Data Status : Least Concern


My favorite bird guide is Mr.Vikramsinh Sodha. he is much knowledgeable person and knows the exact locations for these birds. 

You can contact him thru


see his premises https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=4526535150712542&set=pcb.4526535457379178 

You can also visit his wide collection of fossils and its a one of largest collection of fossil by a private person.


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