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Taking Photo of Raptor is achievement for me.i always want to frame Kestrel as it is a winter visitor.while i was on birding with my family at Blackbuck National Park, Velavdar, Gujarat.. i was excited to frame Harriers.
we were stayed at one hotel at border of Ahmadabad n decided to get up early n reach aprx at 7.30am at velavdar but due to traffic jam at railway crossing near by Dholera,we reach around at 8.30am.while we were 1-2km away from entrance of park, we saw Blackbuck on road n stopped my car to frame.took 2-3 photos n run inside so i was looking around n sudden seen this beauty.before framing,i thought it for Black-shoulder Kite but when i seen in cam's lcd,it's a new species. try for another shots n moved lil close to this bird n took another 2 shots but when i moved 1step further, it fly away.
even during whole day i thought for one shot of Common Kestrel but not Succeed.
when i returned home, transferred my all photos on 20/10/15 n seen all photos but ignored this.my frnd Dr.Pankaj made a whatsapp birding grp for id n tips sharing,so i shared this image 10days back for which Kestrel it is, around at 12am. sudden my friend Dr.Dharmeshbhai told me for female Common Kestrel but other friend Vivekbhai show the nail color n debate started. finally discussion of 10-15min with lots images for Reference, Vivekbhai told me that You r lucky person to record a Lesser Kestrel.its a wow feeling...
Lesser Kestrel is a widespread passage migrant.
Size : 29 - 32cm
Thank you Vivekbhai n Dr.Dharmeshbhai.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /9 || Shutter speed 1/1000 || ISO 640 || 600mm || White Balance : Day Light
Blackbuck National Park, Velavdar, Gujarat

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