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My best friend Viru called me 19/06/17,"doctor do something for Hingolgadh to click india Pitta for Me n Abhay" and replied "then get ready, we will go tomorrow morning".Viru told me to go 1st at Virpur temple and night stay there,next day Hingolghad,and i replied yes for plan.will share that story tomorrow or later for my lifer.
My phone alarm ringed n  wake up at 5am.we all fresh n get ready to leave from our resort at Virpur at 6am coz its a 2hr journey.there was zero traffic on highway and sky was covered with gold giving mind blowing feeling.sudden dark black clouds were started covering the sky n fear came in my mind coz if it showers rains then we could not find pitta till rain stops n rain came.but clouds were still there even at hingolgadh.
Paid our entry fee of 1000Rs,Car 400Rs and camera fee of 600 (200 per camera),then driven car for 1.5+km towards office and parked.Started searching here n there for "Fearless beauty of Hingolgadh"(Will post lil abt Hingolgadh).myself and Viru was searching at otherside and Abhay was searching at other side but Abhay find it.in between we clicked Viru's 2 lifer(Red-rumped Swallow & Red Collared Dove).
We went towards to Abhay n Pitta again came down on ground to pick nesting materials,we were hardly 10ft away from it,clicked 2-3 shots then we all 3 just watched his behavior to pick nesting material.pick a dried small leaf branch n weigh or something then put it down,jump to find other and pick another,do same,after searching right branch,fly towards nest.we missed to take ground level shots but it was amazing to watch this thing.
We went other side to find Jacobin Cuckoo n other birds and succeed.i had seen Indian Pitta (Calling) on Facebook and desired for same shot of it.so i was waiting for that kind of shot but till 12pm didn't got it.
We saw the nest n from distance,tried for flying shots but we failed.so i went to talks with foresters coz m here only for calling shot.while i was talking with foresters,i see Abhay n Viru were lying to click Pitta and cudn't resist myself  to click and did same.we all get extra-ordinary shots.then it fly away and again i went towards Foresters.
After 10min Pitta saw a pitta was sitting on low level of sacred fig(pipal) tree and give a call so myself walk fast to click my dream shot,waited n waited....finally here is result.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /8|| Shutter speed 1/1600 || ISO 2000 || 500mm || White Balance : Daylight
Hingolgadh, Rajkot, Gujarat

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