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When i was at my Uncle's home,He told me that more than 15 types of birds daily comes in their backyards,so i am so excited to catch all of them.but that was Cloudy day and i am just a beginner DSLR Photography so its hard to catch all of them.
when i had clicked this image, i was so happy that this bird was 1st time i had seen,looks like bulbul so searched in google but couldn't find out even with Name tag and image upld option but when i had found that this bird was Asian Paradise-flycatcher, m so excited, i am always eager to catch this bird.
didn't find Asian Paradise-flycatcher male.now will go soon there.

Camera : Canon EOS 600D

Shooting Mode : Manual Mode

Tv ( Shutter Speed ) : 1/2000

Av ( Aperture Value ) : 5.6

ISO Speed : 3200

Focal Length : 250.0mm

White Balance Mode : Cloudy

Location : Atgam, Valsad, Gujarat

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