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As i am a just beginner for bird photography and took less than 200 photos but realized that you need a proper Telephoto Zoom Lens with image Stabilization,whatever your camera you have.

The reason behind this Telephoto Zoom Lens image Stabilization is that you can focus the bird properly,we can not take pics with going closer to birds,even if we try to go closer with pin drop silence, they notice us and fly away. so we waste our time to go closure to them.

i have a Canon EOS 600D and have EF-S 18-55mm n 55-250mm Telephoto Zoom Lens with image Stabilization,during bird photography i am using 55-250mm lens but realized that the proper detail n sharpness lost just because of i am unable to get closure to that bird.

Minimum 300mm Telephoto Zoom Lens with image Stabilization is Require for Bird Photography and you can add 1.4x/2x Teleconverter Lens.

There are wide range of  Telephoto Zoom Lens and they are
1. Canon
2. Nikon
3. Sigma

before buying this Telephoto Zoom Lens read the info of that Telephoto Zoom Lens means it fits with camera,reviews,warranty,etc

Bird Photography is an art and you need lots improvements and it comes only after your experience even you know the precautions and other steps.

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