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i was searching Common Kingfisher for Silhouette Photography since long time and my waiting was over after 8month of my Photography life.
it was aprx 5.45pm of  November 2014, on road of Dandi(Surat) i found the common kingfisher sitting on a electric wire.i took 1st shot with auto focus in Aperture Value mode but my setting was wrong and pic gone wrong...tried in Manual mode but still lil effect came so think to icrease f-stop number and good pic come but it was darkening and finally increasing iso the best snap taken.
it was very difficult to capture kingfisher in middle of sun as sun was going down and there was a wild babul tree but i did lil in for best one.

----: exifs :----

Canon 600D
250mm lens
Manual Mode
Shutter speed 1/2000
ISO 400
Surat Outskirt,Gujarat.

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