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Yesterday one of my frnd(Dr.Divyang) posted flamingos posted pics of Flamingos on facebook so excited to place n wanna ask him but before i ask him, someone asked him for place n he answered.The place is just 10-15km away n i was excited to see them with my eyes n wanna frame.even one another frnd mr.Jigen also wanna go there n i asked to go there.
Yesterday was last day of my kid's exam so we were in movie and come home in around at 1am eventhough i wake around 7.30am,get in hurry to go there and reached around there aprx 8.15am.
when i see flamingos.i was so excited n started taking pics with going towards them but my bad luck was started. a Raptor was on hunt.it was Brahminy Kite n all Flamingos fly away.so i moved towards them.this time it was very bad situation,i cudn't go closure to them coz there was tide came in river n every where was wet n muds but some how i managed to go closure and again start clicking.got some good shots but after 10-15min that Rapter again came n all flamingos fly away so far.
i was disappointed coz didn't took close up shots as i was managed good n closure place n weather was cloudy.
will go again there for best shots.

----: exifs :----

Canon 600D
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/800 || ISO 250 ||
Tamron 150-600mm
Surat, Gujarat

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