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My phone ringed Today Morning at 6:00am n call frm my frnd Aneeket,hello...good morning.lol ...i asked wait for 10 min, he told no problem, we wait for 20min. i reached after 40min at 7am...Today another frnd Varun is with us n we went to other area for flying shot of Indian Roller at Olpad, surat outskirt.
we find but i don't wanna took n searching for other birds. Aneeket n Varun took photos n we further go ahead.i was driving car n sudden stopped 40km/h to zero as i had sighted as its a Shikra. But when focused it is a Common Hawk Cuckoo.it was very close beside the road n 1st my frnds taken shots with pleasant background then i did n slowly step ahead for close up shot(will post later) finally m succeed.

Exifs :
Canon 60D
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /6.3 || Shutter speed 1/2000 || ISO 250 || White Balance 5100k || Exposure Compensation -1
Tamron 150-600mm
Surat Outskirt, Gujarat

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