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After long long awaiting of this bird, finally succeed to frame it. not a good shot but loved it.credit to my friend Dr.Vijayendra Desai, who find this beauty while we were in running car.
it was a Friday 2nd oct'15.we had decided to go early to flying n close shots of black kites as i had seen few days back. it was 5.30am myself wake up early at this time, remembered my school time, it was 15yrs back,while my mom n me wake up early...still it was very hard to wake up.thank you mom.
after getting fresh n having lovely tea by sweetheart, i went to my frnd's home Vijayendrabhai n then Prasadbhai...around 6.30am we reached at ongc bridge for flying shots, we find only two kite.Then our lucky guy Mr.Paragbhai called to meet for birding trip for Marsh harrier n searching began.
why i tagged Paragbhai as Lucky guy coz whenever he was on birding, he gets amazing close shots of many birds and his many photos was displayed at sony center of piplod.
while we r on the way, i was driving my car...Vijayendrabhai was on beside me on front seat n sudden Red Avadavat was caught on his radar,he asked to stopped the car. sudden we all came out n took shots on the road but we are far away. so Vijayendrabhai find the good location where lil sunlight fall on them n the background was so pleasant.

will again for close n sharp shot..hope i will .

Exifs :
Canon 600D
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/400 || ISO 1600 || White Balance : Day Light
Focal length : 600mm
Surat, Gujarat

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