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How can i express my Happiness...coz it was extra happy moments in my life.till now i hate photography,so never tried.
we were on family trip of Saurastra with my family n my cousin's family.as on 24th November we were at Gir National Park for Lion safari.it was around 2.30pm n our safari driver picked us from our resort.while we were on the way to park,rain showering was started n we all thought for full rain but finally it stops.
Around 3.15pm we had entered in the park.during safari our guide told us some info n rules.my husband Dr.Anand told him for birding as he likes bird photography.
after 5mins 1st time i saw a monitor lizard(my huby n my 7yrs old son sighted it at Velavdar but i missed) then saw Spotted Deer, Sambar Deer. after drive of 30-40min our gypsy sudden stopped n guide shows the spotted owlet,it was just 10-15ft away from us.
After 1+hr of drive we didn't seen a lion/lioness,most of returning gypsy driver had told us that they had not seen a lion/lioness.so we r lil disappointed but finger crossed for our kids.
Another 5-10mins of drive my huby told to stop the gypsy coz there was a leopard,it was 40-45ft away.its a 1st wow moment.our guide also told us that u r lucky to see.
We all were talking n our guide told to stop as he seen the other gypsy r stopped at a point n our guide shows us 2 Lions...yeah...1st time i saw them in jungle.My huby n my son clicked in their cam.enjoyed this moments at-least for 5-10 min and we moved ahead.
after drive of 5min we seen 2 lioness n 3-4cubs.my huby was busy in clicking n asking my son to click but he was lost himself in this moment to see all thing n forget to click so i picked the camera n 1st time clicked but photo was blurred coz i dont know how to click?... lens was 55-250mm n it was at 55mm so i asked my hubby..lioness n cubs were far away so he expand it to 250mm.when i tried to see in view finder,there was nothing to see so again i asked him n he remind me to half press shutter button n when u see it clear then click. and i got this image.

 Exifs :
Canon 600D
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/60 || ISO 1600 || 250mm || White Balance : Day Light
Sasan Gir, Junagadh, Gujarat

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