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Chilling cold around at 4am on 25th Dec'15 and wake-up for trip to Shoolpaneshvar. After everything ready i was driving my car with my family n reached Netrang around at 7.30am where my Friends Hirenbhai,Virenbhai n Himanshu were waiting for us as i was late due to heavy traffic as i was on the rout Surat-Hansot-Ankleshwar-Netrang and they came from Bardoli-Mandvi-Netrang.
My close friend Dr.Pankaj also on same trip but he was not coming to Shoolpaneshvar as he went in past so he start his journey when we left Netrang.he told me to go at Zarwani Waterfall for birding so we had decided to go this place.
while we were on way to Rajpipla, dont know the location but exact at one of up hill i stopped the car as i saw a purple color sunbird on a tree near by road n one big bird far away to it.so we all went to frame it n climb at little hill.it was White-eyed Buzzard.within 1-2min it fly away n Hirenbhai sudden smell a dead animal,so he asked any wild animal is coming/going inside the jungle.He sighted the Jackal.out of we 4 Photographers,only Virenbhai was lucky to frame it clearly.
Then we started trip to reach there as early as possible and after driving of 30min,when i saw in my car's rear view mirror,there was no innova car.so thought i was on a speed of 110km/h, may be i am so faster, so parked my car at side of road n waited....5min passed but they didn't came. finally i called Hirenbhai but there was network problem so unable to talk, decide to go back to see what happens. after drive of 2-3km,they were clicking Greater Couccal as it was just 5ft away from there.
Finally we reached at a Forest check point where we paid our car entry fee of 400 per car.Again photo shoot started,now it was with Rufous Treepie.
After 10min of Photoshoot we moved ahead for our destination.before this waterfall, i saw a minivet and stopped car so we again started photoshoot.while we were busy in clicking small minivet,Hirenbhai sighted White-bellied Drongo n we moved to it.when i was clicking drongo,i was just looking here n there n seen black color bird n thought for Tit so moved towards this bird,clicked 2 shots n fly away.i was looking where it goes n sudden sighted woodpecker. literally i run to click as it was very small in size from far away n clicked for record shot.when i had seen in camera's lcd, i was very happy as it was pygmi woodpecker.then i called my friends to click but very slowly. there we enjoyed clicking as clicked 5+ bird species.
finally we reached our destination of Zarwani Waterfall around at 9am.one person came to us n asked to park car inside for other car to came there n park,at 1st i ignored him but did as he told. he own a tea stall so we drink tea there n talk with him.his name is Manilal.he told us it is 1-2km of trekking to go close of Zarwani Waterfall,n we have to cross water coming from river two times.he came with us to help to cross river as stone were placed there.while we close to this 1st cross, one family was crossing n they ignored the help of Manilal n one kid fall.water level is aprx ankle level but all cloths were wet.
we all enjoyed this trekking with photoshoots of birds which we saw on our rout.many of us lil slipped but Manilal saved us from wet ourselves.at last we reached the end point.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Exposure Mode
f /32 || Shutter speed 5Sec || ISO 100 || 51mm || White Balance : 5200k
Zarwani , Narmada, Gujarat

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