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it was 10/01/16,another chilling morning and i wake against my schedule Around 6.15am,n ready for birding at 6.40am. But timing to leave for birding is 6.40 so i was so late.its chilling for me on bike,even though i drive at 60km/h speed n reached my friend Vijayendrabhai's home where another friend Prasadbhai and Niharbhai were waiting for me since 15min.
They all ready with their car n all where asking for go for mine car,finally decided to go in Niharbhai's Nissan Terrano.Vijayendrabhai n myself decided to go at Suvali beach,Surat outskirt fo Eurasian Thick knee as our luckiest person Dr.Divyangbhai sighted,its a 1st sighting of Eurasian Thick kne in our area after 20-30min we reached at one point where more than 50 Black Kite, Black-eared Kite n crows where flying so thought for other raptors n Niharbhai stopped car.due to little fog n low light my self decided to stop clicking but my friends were clicking.sudden i hear a sound of airplane n searching for it for silhouette so i was focusing on sun,even after 1-2min didnt find the plane.later Prasadbhai n we talked about it find its a sound of Turbine of Reliance factory.in between Prasadbhai clicked my Photo,i will share it later.
its 7.40am so i told to move n we turned towards beach.after drive of 15min Prasadbhai asked to stop car so we stopped n he saw a raptor but it was Shikra.we all were ready to click but fly away still we follow the shikra n turned on different road.we all got good shots of shikra n decided to move ahead on this road if we got any new winter bird.
After drive of 5min,Reached at lil up area n decided to return.so Niharbhai turned the car n sudDen again Prasadbhai asked to stop the car,he told to locate in bushes where he saw new bird in our area n its our jackpot.
We all dont know the exact id of the bird bird clicked from car.then one person came on bullet n this bird went inside.we all came out n waited for this bird but didn't got chance to click.
Credit to This Photo is Prasadbhai.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Exposure Mode
f /11 || Shutter speed 1/250 || ISO 500 || 600mm || White Balance : 5200k
Surat Outskirt, Gujarat

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