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All set for Vansda Nation Park on 21/2/16.wake up around 5am n after tea n breakfast on the way to Bardoli in my car to pick my friend Virenbhai,as per plan i have to reach Virenbhai's home at 6.15 but was delay of 10-15min n reached at 6.30 outside of his society due to one important reason.Virenbhai's son Ansh,10yrs old also die hard bird photographer n wake up at 6.30am so Virenbahi came out before he wake up.
we had seen clouds so we were going slow and we have to meet my friend Poff Pravinbhai at Anaval.we reached at 7.10am n called him to ask we were at three road near lake,Anaval and seen his car coming towards us.He told that he had located Ashy Wood Swallow n asked follow his car.i was so excited to see this bird coz it is sighted only this area of south Gujarat n i think sighted only in 2-places of Gujarat.
We parked our car beside road near canal,Proff. P C Pated told us due to cloudy we didnt get good shot but you will see lifer.we walked towards birds with taking record shots,they were only 3 in numbers at one point they sighted us n fly away,we waited behind one hut but they didnt came again as they were 500mtr away n enjoying there. so we decided to move as we have to reach Vansda at 8am.
on the way Pravinbhai was in his car n we were in my car,sudden Pravinbhai overtake my car n stopped at one point.he told to came out as we can also sight 3 Ashy Wood Swallow here,we clicked good shot with better light n also shoot a video.

Credits to this Lifer is Prof. Pravin Patel
Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /10 || Shutter speed 1/800 || ISO 400 || 600mm || White Balance : 5200k
Anaval, Gujarat.

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