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The red-necked phalarope is a small wader. This phalarope breeds in the Arctic regions of North America and Eurasia. It is migratory, and, unusually for a wader, winters at sea on tropical oceans.
if m not wrong,This beauty was 1st sighted n clicked by Prof. Pravin Patel & Prof. Anil Bhatt in our area of Surat and they had shared on Facebook,so i was very excited to frame but i was unlucky coz whenever i went that area,i didn't sight. 
One day i had contacted Prof.Pravinbhai on Facebook n ask for location,they told me the area.so on 3rd November'15 i went again there but unable to locate,so i called my friend Vijayendrabhai for location n he guide me the exact area.i was there before n clicked 2-3 types of water birds. but cudn't find phalarope.i moved back to my home as it was very cloudy day n didn't succeed to sight phalarope.
i was looking my clicks on pc after transfer to pc, when i zoom one of image of sandpiper,i was shocked coz it was a phalarope. i missed good shots.i went next 1-2day but didn't sighted.
Body length: 18 cm
Wingspan: 31 – 34 cm
up to 48 g

Exifs :
Canon 600D
Aperture-priority AE Mode
f /6.3 || Shutter speed 1/1600 || ISO 200 || 600mm
Tena,Surat, Gujarat.

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