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I never forget 10th April'16 coz i was with my close friend Pankaj n his family at Vansda National Park.Pankaj came from Bharuch in early morning and reach near my home around at 6.30am.we reach there around at 9am n started birding but what a bad luck we didn't get a single click of bird whole day.
we came out around at 5.30pm and he dropped me at Vansda coz my other friend Viren,Hiren,Aneeket n Dhrameshbhai was coming for night photography.we went to Dharmeshbhai's Farmhouse n taken dinner there,the taste was superb n unforgettable.around 8pm we went for a shot of train,before we reach there we met our fb friend group of Urmil,Hardik, Kiritbhai n other who were came from Jamnagar. we were getting late n went in hurry but as expected we didnt got our desire frame.
now there is no way to go for milkyway at our spot.we went there n till rising of milkyway enjoyed lot with different different types of experiments coz we have to wait till riding of milkyway n its just before 2am.
when i see the rising of milyway,its a awesome experience coz its 1st time for me.the problem came with me again,i forget the extra battery at farmhouse but friend is friend,Dharmeshbhai gave his Canon 5D Mark 3 with Samyang 14mm f/2.8 and took this superb shot.we had waited till 2.15am n see the Rising of Milkyway.
Special thanks to Dhameshbhai

Exifs :
Canon 5D Mark3 with Samyang 14mm f/2.8
Manual Mode
f /2.8 || Shutter speed 30 || ISO 3200 || 14mm || White Balance : Auto
Vansda, Navsari,Gujarat

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