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As i mentioned in my last post of  White Stork, i was on birding with Dr.Pragnesh at Pariej Lake for White Stork n Small Pratincole. Many Many Thanks to Dr.Bhavesh Mengar,who was with us from 7.30am to 6pm n he work hard for sighting of this tiny bird as its name Small Pratincole,its size is 16-19cm n found near water body.its very difficult to sight due to its color.
Around 2pm we had decided to return at Tarapur chokdi for lunch/breakfast.while we were going towards our car,i had sighted  Small Pratincole close to us n started approaching towards it very carefully.i think i was aprx 10mtr away from this beauty n almost near to water so avoid to get inside the water as thought,might be this bird disturbed n fly away.clicked some shots n love this mirror image.
due to intermittent clouds,i had set iso 800 n during this photo-shoot,sudden sunlight was bright n whole pic was filled with extreme light so reduced background light to looks beautiful.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Aperture-priority AE Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/1000 || ISO 800 || 600mm || White Balance : 5200k
Pariej Lake,Anand,Gujarat, India.

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