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Don't know why monsoon is less in my area.i was expecting wetland should be filled but it was just above from the depth.it was 23/07/16 and came from night shift even though i was feel fresh otherwise i went sleep in noon but gone for birding 1st time with my cheetah(XUV500).
Reached around at 2.30pm and sit at my favorite spot.Expecting birds to come around at 3pm but rain showering started and run to go inside my car.it was not a heavy rain but wet the field so thought to return home from different road.after a drive of 2km reached on main road,thought to visit a bridge,just want to see if its completed or not which join to hajira but it was incomplete.
Turned my car n looking on side of road where water also collect in monsoon n make like a wetland.seen a White-throated Kingfisher flying towards me sit just close to road.at low speed try to go closure but it fly away from my left side of road to right side of road n sit 200mtr from me.went there through car,it notice me but don't know why it didn't fly so took 3-4 record shot of wet White-throated Kingfisher.Then again think to go closure but it fly down where water was collected and sudden speed my car to park close to that place where it was sit n stopped the engine.luckily it came n sit at same place.and result is here.
its 100% cropped.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/1500 || ISO 1250 || 600mm || Exposure Compensation 3+ || White Balance 5200K
Surat outskirt,Gujarat.

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