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Birding with bird watchers gives exclusive feelings.Since long time i was wanna go birding with Prof.Pravinbhai and Prof.Anilbhai, it was sudden plan.
On 17/07/16  i got a call from Prof.Pravinbhai around at 10am to get ready to go at his village and we went there with Prof.Anilbhai.Pravinbhai had a fracture in his left leg but manage for me.around 12.30pm reached at his home.
after reaching there get fresh and Anilbhai ask to took camera,and we inside his farm.sighted IPFC,Scaly-breasted Munia,Tailor Bird,Ashy Prinia,Grey-breasted Prinia,etc bird.due to cloudy weather with showering of rain and trees, unable to take good shot.Pravinbhai called Anilbhai to returned home for lunch.it was a memorable taste.
After getting lunch,we take little rest and around at 3pm we went for a special bird.it was around 4-5km away.parked car at one side of road near a grassland and i came out with Anilbhai.i saw a strange as Anilbhai came with only Binocular and Pravinbhai was unable walk for long distance so he was sitting there in his car.what a dedication for me,salute to both person.
Pravinbhai told us to go inside the grassland to sighting of special bird for me,so we entered from far,i was behind Anilbhai and sighted a Brahminy Myna at eye level and cudnt stop myself to frame so very carefully went closure and took good shot.thought for closure shot and walked little and sudden one bird from grass fly away.when i focus n clicked that bird and seen towards Anilbhai,he told me its a Yellow-crowned Woodpecker.
He asked me to approach very carefully, i did and result is here.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/750 || ISO 1000 || 600mm || Exposure Compensation 2+ || White Balance 5200k
Chikhli outskirt,Navsari, Gujarat.

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