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Sometime you been more happy when you get un-expected thing.i went to Bardoli at Viren's home for photography of Snipe and breeding plumage of Cattle egret's close shot on 22/05/16.reached around at 7.30am and we went in Viren's innova with Viren's son Ansh,Hiren.
At first we went where Viren had clicked extreme close shot of breeding plumage of Cattle egret but that tree was cut so get mine 1st disappointment.so we went to a lake where Viren had clicked Snipe pair,we had search lot but didn't sighted.here get mine 2nd disappointment.
Now Viren thought before we get late,went to a lake where he and Hiren mostly go so fter drive of 30min we reached there.we had clicked Blue-tailed Bee-eater,Lesser-whistling Duck,Purple Heron nd pied Kingfisher nad flying shots of breeding plumage of Cattle egret.its 10am and decided to went a farm where he had sighted francolin but he have no camera that time n missed shot so we went there.its a far away n reached there after drive of 1 hour,in between we had sighted breeding plumage of Cattle egret beside road n clicked good shots.
very well planed farm,liked so much but get 3rd disappointment and leave that place after 30min. Now Viren told go home for lunch as got call so we were on the way to Bardoli via another road.Viren want to show me a engineering miracle of bridge and we reached there after drive of 30min.i had captured a video of that engineering miracle made,will share that video later.while we were clicking swallows,Hiren was waving his hand to come there and i moved quickely.he told"doctor focus on that bird,it must be a Jungle Myna".i told Jungle Myna and here its not possible,even though i clicked from far away and zoom but its blurred.when i tried again,it fly away.Then very carefully seen the eyes in camera and its wow coz its lifer for all of us.
Now the hunt begins for Jungle Myna but we failed to locate till 10min.again thought for disappointment but Luckily Hiren sighted it under the bridge.its very difficult to go down near end point of bridge coz there is no tree or else to we pick and go down,if we slip....gone directly to 30-40feet in the dried river.but finally got succeed. forget to change aperture-priority to manual coz get low shutter speed in images but 2-3images were superb for me.i had recorded a video too but its handheld and too much wind so you cant enjoy the video.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/500Sec || ISO 800 || 600mm || White Balance : 5200k
Bardoli outskirt, Surat, Gujarat

Request :-
Please, please do not litter at any hill station or any other tourist place. Carry an extra bag and keep empty wrappers of food articles and other garbage in it. Empty it in garbage bins available en-route. 

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