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i was shocked when my friend Dharmesh Kadiwala aka DK called me around at 4pm and asked doctor get ready for night photography at 6pm,coz we have to roam in Bardoli outskirt for Leopard.we had read in news paper n even got info that Leopard was sighting since 2 days.
i went to DK's home around at 6.30pm on 19/02/16,parked my car then we went towards Bardoli in DK's Duster.After reaching there,took our dinner of Khichdi and Hiren n Viren came around 7pm.
we had checked lights,camera settings and journey started around at 7.30pm.i was so excited as it was my 1st experience,even little afraid.
Dk was driving the car,Hiren was on beside Dk and light on left side and Viren n myself were on rear seat with light on right-left side.it was thrilling experience coz road was just wide as car pass on it n bushes,trees are close to road.we reached at one temple near to Tapi river where leopard sighted,talked there with local person and waited for 15-20min but nothing found.then we came on Dhulia Highway and after drive of some km,entered on one road which proceed to village,before we reach there we saw a bird was sitting on cement pole of iron fencing and we stopped,Hiren told it must be a owl.we reversed the car n show light on left side of farm but cudnt locate.we hear a sound of wings just above us on a tree and DK told to show light on that tree.and we sighted a owl.id was difficult as it was our 1st sighting.
As we all know that if we flash a light directly on owl,it fly away so we tried to flash light beside the owl and luckily we get some close shots.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /5.6 || Shutter speed 1/100Sec || ISO 3200 || 375mm || White Balance : 5200k || External Flashlight used
Bardoli outskirt, Surat, Gujarat

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