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Always try to wake up after 8.30am during my holiday,if m not going for birding.i had planned to visit to my birth town on rakhi day and went in noon.we had made little get together with my all family members.around 11.30pm i went to sleep as much sleepy.
i had set my alarm at 8.45am but disturbed by continuous chirping sound of birds even after closed glass window n wake up at 7.40am.when i sit on bed n seen on my glass window,Scaly-breasted Munia was sitting on iron fence over window n chirping.don't know what was it doing but 3-4min i was just watching from 1-2ft away as glass was totally black so munia cant see inside the room.even my wife wake up n told me why u r standing there,take a photo.i asked it will fly away if slide the glass window.but she asked to take a chance.so within 5-10sec open my camera backpack and ready my bazooka.
now i was thinking how to approach,as if i slide the window,it fly away and during this it fly away.but luckily it sit on electric wire which was 4-5ft away from window.i kneel down near window and slide the glass window.put my bazooka on window and focused n clicked but not satisfied.again focused and clicked...the result is here.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/1000 || ISO 2000 || 600mm || White Balance : 5200k
CL Farm, Valsad outskirt, Gujarat

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