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Early days of monsoon are good days photography coz there are less water in wetlands with more waders in small area with closure shots n green background.
i was at my birding hotspot on 14/07/16 around at 4.00pm.clicked many shots of Pheasant-tailed Jacana, Cotton-pygmy goose, Purple Swamphen,Common Coot, Yellow Bittern but most shots were in cloudy so not satisfied coz its monsoon so sun was playing hide n seek in clouds.
Around 4.35pm big gap of cloud came n bright sunlight showered over wetland and clicked some good shots of mentioned species.while i was searching birds,sudden i see a Common Coot was about to run n quickly focused over it and started clicking as it started running. lucky to frame 3-4 shots and this one is 3rd shot.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/2000 || ISO 800 || 600mm || White Balance : Day Light
Tena wetland, Surat, Gujarat

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