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Birding in monsoon gives superb shots but if proper sunlight is there.one my best friend Viren Desai called me around at 4pm on 1/9/16 to join him to go at Sultanpur Wetland,Navsari as he had not visited and his cousin brother Abhay Naik wants to do photography there.as i had did photogrpahy last year and didn't want to go there for flamingo as they were much inside and due to cloudy weather shots were not up to my mark.Viren told me to come with him just for bird watching,we will not shoot there,finally i said yes at 10pm.
Around 7am i left towards our meeting point and reached there,parked my cheetah and went in Abhay's car.as i had visited i was know the road but forgotten and driven 5+km on wrong way,sudden realise and turned map on and reached Sultanpur around at n 8.30am.
at first i didnt shoot any pic but thought for new bird and find chestnut-tailed starling pair.close shot shot of indian silverbill.
Flamingo were much inside so i asked to sit at one point and not to move,and succeed group of Greater Flamingo little come towards us, clicked some shots with loving movements.even they are far away and even in more crop,image was not sharp but love this loving freeze.
due to cloudy weather and distance shot added lights and saturation for better view.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /5.6 || Shutter speed 1/3200 || ISO 800 || 600mm ||  Exposure Compensation 3+ ||White Balance : 5200k
Sultanpur wetland,Navsari,Gujarat

Request :-
Please, please do not litter at any hill station or any other tourist place. Carry an extra bag and keep empty wrappers of food articles and other garbage in it. Empty it in garbage bins available en-route. 

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