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i was shocked when my friend Dharmesh Kadiwala aka DK called me around at 4pm and asked "doctor get ready for night roam in car & photography at 6pm",coz we have to roam in Bardoli outskirt for Leopard.we had read in news paper n even got info that Leopard was sighting since 2 days.
i went to DK's home around at 6.30pm on 19/02/16,parked my car then we went towards Bardoli in DK's Duster.After reaching there,took our dinner of Khichdi and Hiren came around 7pm.
we had checked lights,camera settings and journey started around at 7.30pm.i was so excited as it was my 1st experience,even little afraid.
We were roaming here n there surrounding Bardoli for sighting of Leopard.Around 11pm we sighted this beauty n cudn't stop our self to came out for his portrait photography.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /10 || Shutter speed 1/125Sec || ISO 2000 || 182mm || White Balance : 5200k || Camera Flashlight used with Car's Headlight
Bardoli outskirt, Surat, Gujarat

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