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Get  a call from my new birder friend Bhavesh Shah for birding site near by Bilimora and we went for birding on morning of 08/11/16 at Dharasana Wetland.
Around 8am we reached there and i was known to this area so went inside for Marsh Harrier as i knew,where it sight and we got it.Then i told to return at wetland area at coastal highway for waders.
After drive of 1km i sudden stopped the car as i had sighted a Snipe from distance but it fly away and get inside the small bushes,200+mtr so we came out from car n waiting to come out.after 5min from my left side,i saw a bird was flying towards me and thought Asian Koel as per flight pattern. just amazed to watch it and forget to focus. while it reach to us,before 50+mtr it turn the way and sit over electric wire.then i realize,it has a orange color and its different.without delay i moved to click even i told my friend to click as it was different.but it gives only 10sec for clicks and luckily i got 3-5 shots and fly away.
not a Good Quality but i have a Record :)

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/3200 || ISO 640 || 600mm || White Balance : Daylight
Bilimora outkirt,Gujarat.

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