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It's a just try to frame sunset as in hurry coz we dont have time much time n location was not found for a good frame.
Story was posted in Spotted Sandgrouse we were in Lodai village for Spotted Sandgrouse.We were 25-30km inside the main road and time was 5.35pm(as clicked last photo of Sandgrouse).we didnt got good shot of this rarity n wanna click but our friend cum guide Bharatbhai Kapdi told us to return coz if sun was set and in the darkness we didnt find to return on main road coz there was no network n no gps.so i had driven my cheetah upto 110+kmph speed to return.
As we were Bharatbhai told to turn on otherside to frame sun behind the tree as we were just 2km away from main road. stop the car with we all came out to frame this beautiful moment but due to sudden brake the dust was coming in the frame so we ran where dust didnt came in frame n clicked 3-4 snaps of it.forget to change some setting in hurry but happy to click with friends.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/200 || ISO 1250 || 150mm || White Balance : Auto
Kutch, Gujarat

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