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When you get something unexpected after your effort in real jungle,happiness is increased more than infinite.This is not a studio pic of  Ganeshgudi/Sattal or from any other location but its from Vansda National Park,where luck and timing play major role where as  light,bushes are main enemy.
We mostly manage Birding trip to specific area with close friends and my close buddies are Dr.Pankaj Maheria, Viren Desai, Hiren Joshi,Dharmesh Kadiwala,Pragnesh Patel and Abhay Naik.
As we had decided to visit Vansda National Park on 14/04/17 but on 13/04/17 we went for Night Photogrpahy, two friends Pankaj and Pragnesh didnt joined us.so went in south dang forest.story posted in Mottled Wood Owl
we reached at DK's Farm and night chit chat was on for so many future plans and time passes.we realize that we should take sleep but it was 5am so continued our talks.
Around 5.15am,old thought of mine came again n it was,i have to frame train and we at our location but we all have zoom lens so didn't succeed.around 6.30am returned to town and take a tea.Then drive towards Vansda National Park.we entered in Park and waited for Pragnesh as he was coming from Silvasa.He came around at 7.30am and parked his car then we all moved in my XUV.
After drive of 2km,we had sighted pair of Emerald Dove,clicked some shots and moved ahead.after drive of 1km, Pankaj Came behind us.he came from Patan and stayed at Ankleshvar.We shake hand and hug with my close buddy as we meet after 5month.
Reached our desired location n feel happy after seeing tree branches in the ground level water tanks,story was posted in Vigors's Sunbird and Brown-cheecked Fulvetta.Before we sit there we had decided to walk inside and sudden seen 2 birds were jumping on tree.without delay focus n boom,they were Lesser Yellownape.i was so happy coz while we stop at one location for Rosy Minivet and Abhay had clicked it but we all missed it.
When you have best gear and light was perfect,you always get best shot.Here is one of best shot from my last trip.

Exifs :
Canon 5D Mark4 + Canon 100-400 L IS2 USM with 1.4 TC
Manual Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/800Sec || ISO 3200 || 476mm || White Balance : Ambience priority 
Vansda National Park, Navsari, Gujarat

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