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i am very Thankful to Proff.Pravinbhai Patel for told me to take a chance for Photography of Elusive Species , Spotted Crake.He had sighted this beauty on 13/03/17 and we were going daily from 18/03/17 but as told its Elusive means very difficult to spot due to very shy in nature and came out in early morning and late evening.
As mentioned above we went there with Proff.Pravinbhai,Proff.Anilbhai Bhat, Mukesh Bhat and my friend Anil Bhardwaj who is a joint comm.income tax Surat.we all met there at 5.45am and wait for this beauty till 10am.This session continued for more than 15days and clicked more than 200 shots but we are not satisfied with our shots due to didn't got a good shot in open perch(only Proff.Pravinbhai have 2-3 shots in open perch).Though we are Happy coz we have Photos of Elusive one.
Even this photo had some shadows of bushes over face n body but managed to remove them and make it clear shot,thanks to Photoshop.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/1000 || ISO 2500 || 600mm || White Balance : 5200k
Surat outskirt,Gujarat

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