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it was a call from my friend Pragnesh,picked a phone."m coming to Surat on midnight of 12/03/17 and get ready for this Sunday as we had went last year of Holi",i replied...yaar i have to go hospital in noon so not possible for long distance and our near by wetland was also dry so...where to go???
He replied find place nearby and we.i called my close friend Viren and he told me to come Surat for Pragnesh.
i messaged this to Pragnesh but he told "you have to come with me,we shud return till 12pm"so i replied "yes"
i was ready around at 6.30am and went to pick Pragnesh.Viru was coming from Bardoli and he reached our desured Destination around at 7.20am but we are on the way so asked him to go inside n do birding.
we reached there around at 7.35am nd going slowly at speed of 5-10kmph and sudden break my cheetah.i had sighted Red-necked Falcon with kill and asked Pragnesh to click.my camera was in the bag coz thought for Red Munia only and didn't want to click them.
After clicking 3-4 shots by Pragnesh,i told him to hold on for ready my camera from my backpack.i also clicked 3-4shots and Viren came from our front side,i waved my hand and he stopped his elantra and showed this beauty.
we were must be at a distance of  50+mtr and decided to go near without disturbing falcon so make a distance of  40-50mtr and enjoyed watching it and also click again some moments.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/500 || ISO 100 || 600mm || White Balance : Daylight
Surat outskirt, Gujarat

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