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After much awaiting, finally i was at LRK aka Little Rann of Kutch on 6th of Feb'16 with Dr.Pragnesh n Viren Desai,i was much late for birding as winter birds specially raptors might went even though i was there for Peregrine Falcon.its a wild ass sanctuary.
Around 3pm we reached at Bhavna resort & Farm after morning session at Nal Sarovar. our guide Becharbhai was ready,after getting  refreshed we went for birding for evening session.we had finished our evening session at 7pm n returned at our hotel.took dinner n went for sleep early after recharge of battery of our camera coz we were very tired n have to wake up early in the morning.
Get ready around at 5.30am, our guide Becharbhai came n told for took tea.approx 6am we were on our exclusive safari,it was 12-15 degree cold, i forget to take my jacket n feel freezing sensation while we were in jeep coz our location was 40+km away n we were on speed of 50+.
After drive of 1hr+ Becharbhai stopped at one point n sighted Montague's Harrier,we took shots after 5min again we were on search of raptors.after 30min of drive Becharbhai again stopped and looking in Binocular at one point where he sighted Greater spotted eagle n Imperial Eagle.we went there n took record shot.while we tried to approach for closer they fly away. i asked to go towards imperial eagle n game was on....we took shot n try to approach for closure,it fly away.this game continued for 40+min then we stopped chasing imperial eagle n went inside.
while we were going towards perching site of  Peregrine Falcon after drive of 10-15min,Virenbhai seen one bird flying and we went towards there,stopped far away n took record shot.Becharbhai came with book of indian birds n told to show for id n we all got shocked n happy coz its a Saker Falcon.
Becharbhai told that we can try to get closure but this bird cant give good shot so we tried to approach towards this beauty.Mostly we stop n it fly away.we tried for 6-7times in 1+hr n didn't got good  shot but i got good flying shot from front n side.

Details from Google
Male length: 45 cm
Female length: 55 cm
Male wingspan: 100 - 110 cm
Female wingspan: 120 - 130 cm
Male weight: 730 - 990 g
Female weight: 970 - 1,300 g

The saker falcon can be both highly agile and extremely fast as it hunts close to the ground , capable of diving for prey at 200 miles per hour.( source
Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
07/02/16, 8:28AM
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/2000 || ISO 1000 || 600mm || White Balance : 5200k
Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat.

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