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As story posted in Steppe Grey Shrike, we were in Little Rann of Kutch on 17/11/17.we had taken permit and entered for morning safari.
i was driving the Thar and after drive of 20+min,we entered in the Rann.our guide was Saddambhai and we had given Thar him to drive coz he knows the location.after drive of 10min,we got Steppe Eagle.Took 4-5shots, while tried for close shot,one another car came towards us but direct toward the eagle and it fly away.
Then we moved ahead and searching for Peregrine Falcon,as its a confirm location,we sighted there.we got good shots.Then we again moved inside and sighted Merlin but fly away even after we were far from it.we tried to locate it but failed and moved ahead. sighted Imperial Eagle.we got good shots of it and after 10min we again moved inside for Short-earled Owl.while we entered there we had sighted 20+ Short-eared Owl and it was amazing.
While we were searching a location for good shot of Owl,sighted this beauty,hiding and clicked 3shots.bit difficult coz we were far away and very difficult to focus.not good n sharp shot but loved the composition so sharing here.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/1000 || ISO 640 || 600mm || White Balance : Daylight
LRK, Gujarat.

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