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Many friends from my birding group had visited Khajod, near Surat,Gujarat.we called them LRK of Surat coz many raptors sighted there due to dumping site of solid waste from surat city. i had a wish to go there but didn't get chance since long time.one day my friend Parag Kuberkar told me to go there and a day finalized for 26/2/16.
Around 7am,wake up and got ready to go but it was very foggy morning so i called Paragbhai and told for delay.Around 8am i had Started driving in foggy morning at speed of 5-10km,finally i had reached at our meeting point around at 8.40am,Parked my car and went on Activa of Paragbhai.he told me to go for just see location as too much fog,so we went there but didn't sighted any bird.even if we sighted then photo must be not up to my mark.
after 30-40min of driving we returned and went to Paragbhai's home,we have a coffee and talked regarding photoshop,camera setting which i know.
Around 10.30am i left from there to return my home coz Paragbhai have to go office,while i reached at my car, thought to go again at dumping site but at first i went at Khajod water tank area,during driving there was lil fog but when i reached there the visibility increased to 60%. clicked some photos near ground area for testing n time pass. at 11am as sunlight was enough so entered in dumping site.after drive of 2km inside the area,i saw an indian Roller sitting just close to road n cudn't stop myself to click it.here is result

you can see my car in indian Roller's eye.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /11 || Shutter speed 1/320 || ISO 100 || 600mm || White Balance : 5200k
Surat outskirt, Gujarat.

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