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On 27/11/17 my best friend Viren came to Surat for birding and we went with Prof.P C Patel at a place where Amur Falcon sighted by him.we were there till 10am and sighted Common Kestrel,Indian Roller,Pallid Harrier,Black Kite etc bird and we left from there towards my favorite birding spot.
Before we reached there,i told Viru go another place where Amur Falcon cud be sighted so Viru told to go and sighted Short-toed Snake Eagle,Greater Spotted Eagle etc.its 10.45am and light going harsh n harsh so thought to return.but i told him,why not we go till road end and i driven till dead end.
Before we reach end dead end,told to return so turn my cheetah.while i press my leg on accelerator,viru told ...stop stop.something is on my right side.so turn my cheetah towards it.it gave lots time to frame and got succeed with totally blurred background.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/1000 || ISO 640 || 600mm || White Balance : Daylight

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