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Hope you like this video coz didn't have time to edit, arrange photos in heavy and hectic busy duty in covid management.
Its a Well planned trip, reached in midnight 3.30am After Long & night drive. we tried for sleep but didn't take a small nape of sleep. Finally reached the location before sunrise but searched it for 1hour but failed, after big disappointment, we were returning and sighted this beauty but much far away. though taken shots as it is a lifer for me. taken 4-5 shots and video from long distance, may be more than 500mtr, it flew away, but i press the click button and framed 27 shots. i was happy for flight hot but it was just for 10sec coz i forget to increase shutter speed as setting was for low light and many photos are with blurred wings, again big disappointment. 

Now its very difficult to find it again in large area, though we went there and started searching and luckily sighted it after 1hr and 20 min. we were lucky coz now we can approach by crawl. started  crawled and got beautiful shots and video. i had crawled more than 200mtr on wet ground due to mist so my cloth were also wet outside by mist and inside by perspiration.

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